Calendar Cards in cardformat for your promotion delivers cards with international or german calendars in english or german for promotional purposes. We create an individual design for both pages of your card.

US Card Calender 2018

card calendar 2018 for the US

US card calendar 2018

Our brand new card calendar for the US is available. Sundays and official holidays of the US are marked red. The card size is (ID-1) about 3.35 x 2.1 inch (85 x 54 mm). The corners are rounded and the surface is protected by foliation (matt or brilliant). The backside is available for your business card or advertising.

The cards are made in Germany.

Also a version with a german calendar on the backside and the US calendar on the other side is available for international companies.

Any individualization is possible (e.g. color, calendar, accentuation, holidays, title). Ask for individual offer.


Calendar cards in english – and other languages

We offer calender cards in german language but also in english and other languages. You can choose options like first day of the week (Monday or Sunday) and individual marking of regional or national holidays or every other date or period in the calendar. Additional informations like holidays are possible – as you can see in our example of an english calendar 2015 with german holidays.

English calendar 2015 with german holidays.

English calendar 2015 with german holidays.

Of course the colors and design elements will be individually adapted to your design standard.

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Calendar Cards

Calendar Card 2014 in english with german holidays

Calendar Card 2014 (Design №3) in english with german holidays

We produce calendar cards for international use with or without german holidays.

  • card format 85 x 54mm
  • week starts on monday or sunday
  • orientation: portrait or landscape
  • surface: matt or brilliant
  • corners: rounded or acuate
  • charge: 500 to 1000000
  • with or without german holidays
  • integration of your brand or slogan
  • optional: individual marks

See our example of a 2014 card. Ask for individual offer!

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